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Our innovative mattress formula that brings together a proprietary combination of materials to unlock your good night’s sleep—for even better tomorrows.

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10 Year Warranty

Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty

Islandwide Delivery

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Crafted for Lasting Comfort

We make our mattresses here in Sri Lanka with the highest quality craftsmanship. They’re built to last and backed by a 10 Years warranty for the entire mattress.

Along with keeping you cool, the Refresh Cover also supports improved daily performance and energy. This scientifically engineered fabric uses minerals to help convert your natural body heat into far infrared energy.

Made to Retain the Bounce

Our spring mattresses are produced with high performance smart materials that have been designed to enhance your sleep.

In addition to enhancing your sleep, the mattress materials are integrated in a way that the mattress doesn’t loose its bounce after a period of time.

Cooler & More Breathable

The surface you sleep on is incredibly important to your comfort. That's why we developed the Refresh Cover for our mattresses.

Because it's made from a luxury jacquard material with extremely high energy transfer capabilities, the Refresh Cover draws heat from your skin for a delightfully cool-to-the-touch feel. On average, your sleeping surface will stay 7 degrees cooler over an eight-hour night of rest.*

Plus, our HB2 Cooling Layer keeps you cool all night. Its open-cell design allows more air to circulate than traditional foam — and more airflow means cooler sleep, less sweating, and no more tossing and turning.

Sleep In Perfect Alignment

10 layers? Yes. And every single one has a part to play in helping you sleep better.

Better sleep through better design

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Sleep Cooler

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Alleviates Pressure Points

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Eco-Friendly Production

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Comfort You Will Love

How Does Spring Pal Works?

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Sleep on your Spring Pal Mattress & feel a Good Night’s Sleep.

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72×36 (6×3 Feet), 72×48 (6×4 Feet), 72×60 (6×5 Feet), 72×72 (6×6 Feet), 75×36 (6.25×3 Feet), 75×48 (6.25×4 Feet), 75×60 (6.25×5 Feet), 75×72 (6.25×6 Feet), 78×36 (6.5×3 Feet), 78×48 (6.5×4 Feet), 78×60 (6.5×5 Feet), 78×72 (6.5×6 Feet), 78×75 (6.5×6.25 Feet), 84×60 (7×5 Feet), 84×72 (7×6 Feet), 84×75 (7×6.25 Feet), 84×78 (7×6.5 Feet), 84×84 (7×7 Feet)